Third Prize in painting at the Summerfair Cincinnati Art Festival! What a capper to an intense few weeks of great art shows- and my first art award since fourth grade, many years ago.  Thanks to everyone who came by my booth; I love to talk about art (both mine and in general) with interested and curious people. So far my next shows aren't until September, Vinoklet Art and Wine Sept. 12 & 13, and Hyde Park Square Oct. 4. Stay tuned for more details and information on other events.
     I am not a quick thinker.  When the painting judge at Summerfair asked me about my color choices I'm pretty sure my answer was vague and muddled. Naturally several days later I'm able to say exactly  what I am trying to do. Most of the scenes I paint are very ordinary in a sense-the backs of houses, a loading dock next to a factory, a garage and electrical tower-but when I SEE them for the first time (and sometimes it's someplace I've passed literally hundreds of times) it's like a window suddenly opening and flooding a room with light or a flashbulb in the dark. So when I start to paint that scene, and of course it's a gradual process, I want to recreate  that impact of seeing something in a new way, using intense color to share an intense impression. A  gray barn becomes a purple barn, a parking lot turns blue and so on. But I don't just pick the  colors I use out of thin air, I choose colors that relate to the actual scene but don't replicate them. However, I do tend to leave blue skies blue. Clint